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Understand what’s really driving London’s sale and rental prices.

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Lifting the lid.

We’ve devised fair price sale and rental estimates for every property in London.
Our state-of-the-art app is coming soon meaning you can access all of our data on the go.

The Bricks&Logic App

Want to find out more about the properties and their values on a particular street? Or find streets that match your criteria?

Market Overview

What’s really going on in London property market? Which areas are going up (or down) most quickly. How accurate are our estimates?

Straight-talking logic.

Happiness is making the complex straightforward.
That’s the story behind Bricks&Logic. Simple.

We’re over complications

Almost everything house-related is stress-inducing. By demystifying London’s property market we hope to dramatically simplify decision making and give everyone more confidence in their decisions.

Why we do it

It’s all for you

We’ve analysed more data than ever before to generate a complete market overview. Our easy to digest format allows you to quickly find useful information when you need it the most.

Our process

Become a property insider

The Bricks&Logic blog keeps you up to date with all our latest insights into London’s ever-changing property market.

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