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Lifting the lid

By analysing masses of data, we have produced a description of every London address where there is some publicly available information. We then produced a sale and rental 'Fair Price' estimate for every one.

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Knowledge is power

The first step to developing accurate price estimates is to understand the key characteristics of every every possible address in London. Using public data from a range of sources combined with our own research, we have developed a statistical model which enables us to ‘predict’ a description of each property.

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Get involved

While we work hard to generate the best descriptions possible, we can’t know everything! Has your property been extended? We may not know this. Click to adjust the room count, internal size or perhaps add a roof terrace and get an immediate update.

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‘Fair Price’ estimates

Using the descriptions generated for each property, combined with historical sale prices, macroeconomic data and live market information from estate agents, we developed a model to provide accurate ‘Fair Price’ estimates for both sales and rentals.

You can look at our analysis page to see how well our models performed in the past.

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Comparable Sales

Wondering about our sales estimate? Where available, you can see what similar properties have sold for in your area over the past 10 years and compare them to your ‘Fair Price’ estimate.

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Map Search

We’ve generated descriptions and ‘Fair Price’ estimates for 1,260,306 properties in London.
Use our Map Search tool to find those matching your criteria.

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The bigger picture

The prices of different property types in different locations move in different ways! Having extensive information about each individual property allows us to create highly accurate area indicies.

If you want to know how general property prices in N1 have changed in comparison to SE5, or Tube Zone 1 versus Tube Zone 3, you can find this and much more at our Market Overview .

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