Using AI to map London's
complex property market

Simplifying London's
messy property data

There's a huge amount of public information on UK property but much of it is unstructured and incomplete - so we've collected it and cleaned it up using the latest Big Data techniques.

Great features

Transparent property data

Using all the available data, we predict the key charachteristcs of 2.5M+ London addresses.

Market leading price accuracy

We empower everyone in the market with highly accurate sale and rental estimates for each property.

Easy access

Whether it's finding those streets with your perfect property or understanding the rental pricing across an area, our smart interactive map brings the data to life.

Get involved

You can contribute your own information to improve the accuracy of the results for everyone.

We've produced some amazing results using publicly-available data... but we can't know everything! 

You can edit property characteristics to get an instantly updated price estimate. You can also help by providing current or historical rental information.

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