Our Process

Valuing all of London was no easy feat. Here’s a quick insight into how we managed it.

Constant refinement

As detail-orientated people ourselves, we appreciate you’d like to know what goes into reaching our valuations. Our process is continually re-run and constantly improved as new information becomes available.

Transparent and trustworthy

Providing you with a clear overview of London’s property market is our raison d’etre. We are not looking to buy, sell or rent your house merely to provide unbiased data to everyone.

Our Process In A Nutshell


Collect the huge amounts of publically available data on property sales, characteristics and public amenities. We do this at every possible level, ranging from individual addresses all the way up to entire postcode districts, and everything in between.


Generate a whole lot of proprietary data using, among other techniques, area mapping. Our algorithms are seeded with exact location data, most likely property sizes and the probable numbers of gardens and terraces on any particular street.


Combine all of that data using the latest data science methodologies to generate a clear understanding of what characteristics are really driving price changes.


Generate characteristics for every area, street and property in London (including those not currently on the market) and value accordingly.


Use our pricing model to rigorously test our valuation and property classifications against actual data as figures become available.


Speak to estate agents and other market professionals to get their views on current market conditions and movements. Where relevant, feed their insights into our model.


Use the information very kindly supplied by our users when they update any property descriptions we may have got wrong, to improve our data set and our algothrims.

How we use your data

The information you input into our system during your searches, or if you tell us we’ve made a mistake, will be used to improve the underlying data set that informs our model.

Committed to your privacy

We promise never to release your personal data or saved searches to anyone without your express consent. It absolutely stays private unless you decide otherwise.