How we do it

Machine Learning meets the London property market

Using Big Data to democratise property information.

There is a vast amount of public data available on UK property but much of it is unstructured and incomplete.

We have cleaned and modeled the data, applied our own research and then filled in the gaps using the latest Machine Learning techniques to provide you with the best possible information at a click.

The Process


We collect huge amounts of public data on property sales, characteristics, demographics and more. This is done at every possible level, from an individual address to entire postcode districts.


Generate our own proprietary data particularly in areas where there is very little or incomplete public data.


Speak to market professionals such as estate agents to get historical and live information on market conditions and trends.


Using the latest Machine Learning techniques, we generate description, price and yield models for every address and area.


Rigorously test the results of our models against real transactions and descriptive data as it becomes available.


Use data kindly supplied by our users as they update property descriptions or add rental pricing to improve all our models and the resulting predictions.

Data Privacy

We collect data to improve our models and also the user experience on the website.

How we use your data:

  • As you move around the site, we collect data which allows us to improve the overall user experience.
  • We also collect data which allows us to improve your personal user experience such as remembering your login on a device.
  • When you submit data such as a rental price or update the description of an address, we use this to improve our models for everyone.
  • We will never give your email address to a third party.

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